FTB - Sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation core

It’s a company that is established for more than 25 years and whose values are based on nature, safety and comfort.

The excellence where perfection does not exist

FTB was created in 1988 and is currently dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of sandwich panels with stone wool insulation core for application in facades and roofs.


Benefiting from belonging to TERMOLAN, the only Portuguese group manufacturing stone wool, FTB is the only Portuguese company to manufacture stone wool sandwich panels.


In 2011 FTB had the certification of its quality management system awarded simultaneously with the conformity evaluation applied for the sandwich panels, thus allowing FTB to be the first stone wool sandwich panel manufacturer to receive EC accreditation in Portugal.

Adequate management policies allow FTB to consolidate its position in the market based on high standards of quality and product competitiveness.

We are proud to be an innovative company based on work, transparency of ideas, and highly skilled services.

The excellence is our daily motivation.


Since our foundation we are committed to develop our products and to give particular value to nature, safety and comfort.

Comfort (acoustics)

Health in the first place

Safety (fire)

The answer to a necessity

Nature (mineral wool)

In search of eco-friendly materials

Tailor-made Solutions

FTB’s technical department assesses the requirements of each project and recommends the most suitable solution for each single situation.

Since each project has its own specifications, each product is customer-oriented and is the customer himself who may choose not only the thicknesses and lengths, but also the material to be used (galvanized steel, pre-lacquered, stainless, aluminium, PVC, wood), coatings (polyester, PVDF, HDX, HPS200Ultra) and RAL colours.

Depending on the customer requirements, FTB may grant warranties up to 30 years.

Efficiency and Customer - Oriented Services

FTB’s main purpose is to steadily grow along with its customers, offering tailor-made innovative solutions focused on providing quality services.

FTB is currently committed to develop a better range of products which are attractive and innovative in its design for projects under study. In recent years the company has been entirely involved in research projects and in continuous improvement of its products, both in terms of mechanical requirements, leak tightness, and most importantly in fire-safety measures.

This way of doing things has contributed for helping FTB to be particularly attentive to details and aspects linked to our customers’ demands.

International Projection

The quality of FTB is a worldwide common language.

As a result, FTB has been exporting to countries like Spain, France, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile among others, being the internalisation a key element which plays an increasing role in our company’s strategy.

The main target of our company is to expand to marketplaces where our proposals are recognised with no geographical limits whatsoever.